spiraling quine

by anders pearson Fri 21 Jun 2002 10:39:44


damn, that’s slick.

TAGS: programming perl quine


Hey, there are children here!

Will you please explain it?


i've mentioned quines before. a quine is simply a program that produces its own source code as its output.

this program is a quine but with a twist. if you run it on the command line, it prints its own source code but in an animated fashion. the whitespace is changed so it looks like the spiral pattern is spinning around.

if you have access to a unix box with perl on it, take a minute or two to copy/paste the code into a file (like '') and run it 'perl'.

Ah, before my time. Cool though. I'm getting unixy access soon, as soon as I mail in my photoID. Hmmm... may be I could do it on my macOSX? I'll try!

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